Dairy Digest – 90 kapsler

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• Enzymer
• Vegansk produkt
• Fordøyer laktose, melkeproteiner og melkefett

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Nå i Norge! Trudde du at du alltid måtte holde deg vekke fra de gode og spennende meieri produktene? Løsningen er her – et bedre liv for deg som har hatt problemer med fordøyelse av meieriprodukter!


Ikke fornøyd med resultatet?  Du kan returnere produktet til oss og vi tilbakebetaler produktprisen.  Du betaler kun fraktkostnadene.


Dairy Digest fra NOW er en omfattende blanding av enzymer som er utviklet for å hjelpe til med fordøyelse av meieriprodukter. Intoleranse for melkeprodukter er ofte på grunn av manglende evne til å fordøye melkesukker kjent som laktose. Intoleranse er derimot også ofte knyttet til proteiner og fett i meieriprodukter som er vanskelig å fordøye. Dairy Digest fra NOW inneholder ikke bare laktase som hjelper til i fordøyelsen av laktose, men også proteaser og lipaser som bryter ned melkeproteiner og melkefett. Med Dairy Digest er det mulig å lette kortvarig ubehag forbundet med ufullstendig fordøyelse av meieriprodukter, mens du samtidig kan nyte smaken og de helsemessige fordeler av disse produktene.

Dagsdose: 1 kapsel

Innhold per dagsdose:
BioCore Dairy UltraT 108 mg
Protease 630 BLGU / 25 000 HUT
(fra Aspergillus niger og Aspergillus oryzae)
Laktase (fra Aspergillus oryzae) 1000 ALU
Lipase (fra Candida rugosa) 600 FIP

Andre ingredienser: Ris kli, cellulose (kapsel) og silica.


Anbefalt dosering: Som et kosttilskudd, ta 1 kapsel med eller før måltid som inneholder melkeprodukter. En kapsel fordøyer meieriprodukter tilsvarende en kopp hel melk.


Vekt 45 g
Dimensjoner 5 × 5 × 9 cm

15 omtaler for Dairy Digest – 90 kapsler

  1. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:
    I confess I was skeptical at first, because the capsules contain less lactase than the caplets I’d been using. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say it’s more effective for me than lactase alone. And it’s cheaper, too.

  2. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    For those who cannot digest dairy fats properly.

    I have a high level of ‘lactose intolerance’, especially when it comes to milk. Whenever I have some cookies, I love to consume a tall, cold glass of Organic milk. Then immediately afterwards I pay the price, so I’ve avoided enjoying the cookies/milk for quite awhile.

    But recently I did a little research and ran into this product. I was pretty excited and decided to give it a try. I’d have to say that from trying it a couple of times, the results are immediate and positive. I took one capsule each time before I drank the milk.

    My stomach remained stable(without the capsule my stomach would start rumbling a bit from drinking just one glass of milk). Then afterwards my stool was solid(not the case without these capsules). People like me lack the enzymes to break down dairy fats and taking this product supplies us with the proper enzymes.

    According to the directions, you are supposed to take one capsule each time you are about to consume any dairy products. This supplement is vegetarian based so it is gentle on your system. Great choice for those(like me) who have trouble consuming dairy products.

  3. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Dairy Digest works

    My son is very allergic to dairy products. This item helped him much more than any other product on the market.

  4. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    It works exactly like the other name brands do

    For those of you who are skeptical about this product and its uses; don’t be. It has the identical effect of other lactose intolerance caplets (one major -expensive- name brand in particular comes to mind) but at a fraction of the price. Do not miss out on this great product.

  5. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    This works great for me!

    i feel like i have been scammed by Lactaid. Their formula is weak and has not worked for me for a long time. After being fed up, I did some research on Amazon and found this product. Being jaded, I was suspect; however, these pills work great! I am still absolutely amazed at how little repercussions i experience with regards to most food with dairy. On top of the affects, it’s soooo much cheaper than the other products. I’m definitely a fan.

  6. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:


    This product does a better job than lactaid by far! It has lactase, and ALSO has protease and lipease. I have not once had any digestive issues when I have had a chance to take this product. I am not one to really do product reviews, but with this price and how many capsules you get, it is a WAY better value and actually works beyond better than any competitor. I will always be buying this product.

  7. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Better Than–.

    I find this product to be far superior to the product available on your grocer’s shelf. I like it much better than Lactaid or any store brand. One pill is all it takes. One pill for one glass of milk or the equivalent in other dairy products.

  8. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Life style saver!

    NOW Foods Dairy Digest Complete allows me to socialize at events where I have no idea of the dairy content of the foods presented except when the oozing cheese is self-evident. I discreetly pop one or two capsules and enjoy.

  9. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Did not help me.

    I really wanted this to work for me, but I found that the regular lactose enzyme pills worked better for me.

  10. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:


    Ive taken many different types of digestive aides in order to be able to enjoy my favorite foods… Which almost always include dairy. This has been far and above, the best! It makes a noticeable difference when I take it with my dairy laden food. If you don’t digest dairy well BUY THESE.

  11. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Too little lactase enzyme…

    Being recently diagnosed as lactose intolerant, these were the first lactase pills I purchased so I did not really know what to expect. They worked, but not as well as I was hoping. They only have 1000 FCC units of lactase which is only enough to digest the lactose in 1 cup of milk. I found that I often had to take 2 pills at once because I knew that I was putting close to 2 cups of milk into my cereal. And don’t think I didn’t try to get away with just one pill at breakfast because I did and believe me, I paid for it later. I just feel that, considering my personal level of milk and dairy consumption, the price point is not there for this product.

  12. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Very effective.

    I am about as lactose intolerant as you can be, and have had great luck with these enzymes. NOW does not appear to use the same standard for measuring lactase units as other manufacturers, so it is hard to do a direct comparison, but I can’t argue with their effectiveness.

  13. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com:

    Best Dairy Aid Period.

    I have been using this product several years now and swear by it. Best lactose digestion product on the market period. I am severely lactose intolerant and can eat ice cream, pizza, mac & cheese, etc when I take this product. If I eat more than a serving I usually have to take 2 but I have almost no side effects and definitely no bloating after taking the product. Highly recommend.

  14. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com

    I was a bit skeptical, but I’m a believer now!

    I have 2 issues that I need these pills for: 1. I’m lactose intolerant (obviously) and 2. I don’t have a galbladder. I have digestion issues that I’ve had for many years, I’ve tried other pills that had little effect, but these are the magic beans!
    I have used lactase enzyme pills for a while with minimal success. This pill fixed the issues with only one or two pills, I was able to enjoy chicago sytle pizza without issues… I have always taken off all of the cheese when I eat pizza, I was scared, but I didn’t take it off and voila… I’m fine!
    Try it, it’s worth every penny! Can’t believe I didn’t find these sooner.

  15. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra Amazon.com

    Very Happy with it!

    I took my usual lactaid chewable enzyme with some Greek yogurt and experienced very uncomfortable stomach pain. I was disappointed because I really wanted to continue eating this protein packed yogurt so I began researching other options. I came across the Dairy Digest Complete enzyme and found it intriguing because it mentioned the ability to break down milk proteins and fats so decided to give it a try. I took 2 capsules and ate the Greek yogurt again and this time I didn’t experience ANY stomach pain!! I’m so excited, thank you NOW foods!!!

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