Gluten Digest – 60 kapsler

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• Fremmer gastrointestinal helse
• BioCore DDP IV
• Vegansk produkt
• Hjelper å fordøye gluten og korn

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Endelig i Norge! Et bedre liv for deg som har problemer med fordøyelse av gluten!

Alle som sliter med fordøyelse av gluten bør ha Gluten Digest tilgjengelig.  Å holde seg vekke fra gluten vil i fleste tilfeller være å foretrekke, men de fleste vil regelmessig oppleve situasjoner der 100% glutenfritt ikke vil kunne garanteres (f.eks. i selskap, på restauranter, o.s.v).  Med Gluten Digest kan du på en enkel måte sikre deg mot ubehag ved slike anledninger.

Gluten Digest kan gi vesentlige helsefremmende virkninger for alle som har problemer med å fordøye Gluten.  Gluten Digest, med BioCore DPP IV (dipeptidylpeptidase IV) er et fordøyelsesenzym som kan brukes alene eller i kombinasjon med andre ernæringsmessige enzymer for å støtte fordøyelsesprosessen. Dette unike enzymet bryter spesifikt ned prolinrike peptider som hovedsaklig finnes i meieriprodukter og korn, og kan være svært vanskelig å fordøye. Gluten Digest inneholder også amylase og glucoamylase enzymer som er sterke bidragsytere til nedbrytning av karbohydrater. Proteasene i Gluten Digest er stabile i det sure miljøet i magen og er 100 % vegetabilsk.



Dagsdose: 1 kapsel

Innhold per dagsdose:

BioCore ® DPP IV 100 mg

Protease (fra Aspergillus oryzae) 30 000 HUT

Protease (fra Aspergillus oryzae) 500 DPP-IV

Protease (fra Aspergillus melleus) 8,5 AP

Amylase (fra Aspergillus oryzae) 12000 DU

Protease (fra Aspergillus oryzae) 30 000 HUT

Glucoamylase (fra Aspergillus niger) 20 AGU


Andre ingredienser: Cellulose (kapsel), ris kli, MCT (medium chain triglycerides) og maltodekstrin.


Anbefalt dosering: Som et kosttilskudd, ta en kapsel ved begynnelsen av måltid som inneholder gluten.


Vekt 46 g
Dimensjoner 5 × 5 × 9 cm

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  1. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra


    haven’t had a reaction while using these when eating out yet. so, they seem to be working. nice price too.

  2. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    This is not a cure for celiac disease!

    The product description is accurate, if vague, in that it suggests the product assists with digestion. HOWEVER, this does not stop or stall the autoimmune reaction that happens when a gluten intolerant (celiac) ingests gluten. You may have reduced symptoms but you are still doing damage to your intestines.

    There is no cure for celiac and no way to avoid the digestive damage, EXCEPT through a totally gluten free diet. Thinking otherwise is potentially self-damaging. Celiacs who do not follow a gluten free diet are far more susceptible to bone thinning, anemia and certain kinds of cancer. No pill will change that; certainly no pill that is available over the internet and without medical review, approval or recommendation.

  3. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Releif @ last!!!

    If you are gluten intolerant, then this is for you. The directions call for taking one capsule, but usally I have to take two. Love this product!

  4. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Helpful when dining out.

    My doctor recommended dpp-iv enzyme for the occasion when I accidentally ingest gluten. Since it does happen on occasion especially with so many items having wheat. Especially when eating out. She also said it isn’t a cure nor does it give me the ability to eat gluten, it merely helps reduce reaction if there is accidental ingestion of gluten. She mentioned I should take it whenever I eat out. Sometimes there is wheat or gluten where you don’t expect. Such as mcdonald’s french fries have wheat. Not all restaurants have a gluten free selection and they don’t always know if something has gluten or believe it is free of it, but it isn’t. Then you have where I recently didn’t pay attention at IHOP and ordered an omelet. I assumed omelet was safe and wasn’t til later when I was trying to figure out why I was having reactions as if I had gluten that I found out that IHOP omelets use pancake batter to make them more fluffy.

    So no it isn’t a cure by any means but it helps assist on the accidental ingestion. It shouldn’t be used as a means to allow you to eat gluten. It should be used to help in the case of accidental ingestion. As another reviewer stated while you may stave off obvious reactions, the gluten can still damage the villi in your intestine and cause harm.

  5. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Gluten Digest.

    This product works well for me. It won’t deal with celiac problems, but it’s good enough for an allergy. It has no taste.

  6. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Love this…

    These are great! Easy to swallow and help aid the digestion process of all foods, not just gluten. I would recommend!

  7. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Smells odd.

    When I opened the bottle of this product, I was surprised that it smelled old. I could not find an expiration date on the bottle, so I don’t know if it’s out of date or not, but it is surely not pleasant.

  8. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    I can testify that it works.

    I used a different brand of this pill before and I believe it worked but never had the guts to test it out for sure. I have celiac disease and have been living with it for 10 years now. I do not eat at places where I might get sick since I am very sensitive to gluten. I usually take these pills when traveling or in a situation that I am not sure 100% that what I am eating is gluten free. So far so good but I was always wondering if I was lucky or if the pills really worked. This past weekend I went to a BBQ and watched an old man wearing plastic gloves use the same gloves he used to hand out regular hot dog buns to open up, reach in and pull out a gluten free bun. I knew for a fact that the bun had been contaminated with gluten. Since I didn’t have anything better to do the next day I decided to finally put the pills to the test and ate the hotdog with «gluten free» bun. I took two of these pills right before I started eating the hot dog and I did not have ANY issues. I am very happy to know that these work and that I wasn’t just «getting lucky» all those times I had taken them before. If you have Celiac disease I can’t recommend these enough to have on hand.

  9. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    Want to digest Gluten?

    Amazing product. I`ve got celiac disease and this product does miracles for me. I am now able to eat whatever I want!!

  10. Einar Solheim

    Omtale fra

    This stuff is AWESOME!

    I haven’t been able to eat gluten for over a year. My abdomin would swell and I would get really sick. This product has changed all of that. I’m now able to eat food with gluten (in moderation of course!) I would highly recommend! I can’t guarentee that it will work for everyone, but I’m certainly excited that it works for me right now!

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